About Faithful Shepherd Catholic School

Faithful Shepherd Catholic School is St. Peter’s parish school located at 3355 Columbia Drive in Eagan. It was founded by and is supported and operated in conjunction with St. John Neumann and St. Thomas Becket parishes in Eagan.  Faithful Shepherd is an accredited K-8 Elementary and Middle School. With small class sizes, a rigorous curriculum, and faith-based academics, Faithful Shepherd Catholic School offers a unique educational experience for students.

Schedule a Private Tour or Shadow Day
You are always welcome to contact the school directly to setup a tour of the school or to have your child shadow a FSCS student! Please call the Faithful Shepherd office at 651-406-4747 to arrange a visit that works with your schedule.


“Faithful Shepherd Catholic School works in partnership with parents/guardians, students, educators, and the parishes of St. John Neumann, St. Peter, and St. Thomas Becket. Faithful Shepherd fosters an educational environment based on the Word of God. Enlivened by Catholic values, students are prepared to flourish spiritually, intellectually, physically and personally. Faithful Shepherd Catholic School strives to inspire life-long learners and respectful, responsible Catholic participants in the greater community.”

Information Night at our parish school on Wednesday, December 9, at 6 p.m. Interested parents are invited to learn more detailed information about the school, our curriculum, our faith community, our use of technology and our commitment to academic excellence. Free child care will be provided. For more information, please contact Leah Bungener at lbungener@fscsmn.org, or 651-262-2898.

Please visit Faithful Shepherd Catholic School’s website here.