Lent Is An Opportunity

The unseasonably wonderful weather we’ve been having these last few weeks makes me hopeful that spring is on its way. It also makes it easy for me to believe that it’s already very near to Lent, and therefore, closer to Easter. In just a few days, Lent will begin. It’s [...]

The High Road

It would not be breaking any news to state that tensions are at, perhaps, an all-time high in our country. Opinions are sharply divided on all sides, and fruitful dialogue seems a rare animal indeed, one which has gone into hibernation for this political wintertime. It would seem few are [...]

Everyday Disciples

Jesus chose ordinary people, just like you and me, to be his disciples. He built his Church, not through a well-funded advertising campaign, but through touching interpersonal encounters, public miracles and teaching and preaching to the people. You and I are “everyday disciples,” and we don’t even know it! But [...]


As we set out to become disciples, it’s only natural – even expected – that our very first questions and uncertainties are, “How do I do that?”, or “What will I need to do to become a disciple?” The response to this reaction is at once promising and challenging. This [...]

Enrolled in Christ

Each time we approach the Lord in the Scriptures, God, living and active, is preparing us to meet him in that time of prayer, in the life that waits on the other side of death and in the life we experience here and now. It is critical for us to [...]

A Baby in a Basket: Our Frail Humanity

REFLECTIONS FROM OUR DEACON The local news media recently carried a story about an infant who was found in a clothes basket, just inside the Dayton Avenue entrance to the Cathedral of St. Paul on January 4. An employee of the Cathedral was making the rounds to lock up after [...]


My dear friends, This weekend we celebrate the Feast of Epiphany, a Greek word that means “manifestation.” In and through the whole mystery of the Incarnation, by taking on our humanity, God is “manifesting” Himself to the world, making Himself visible in Jesus Christ, and thereby revealing His will. All [...]

Mary, Our Model of Inner Life

“Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19) What does this very simple, yet inexplicably powerful verse mean? Why does it resonate so deeply with so many of us? It is a revelation in Mary’s role in our prayer life. Mary’s approach to prayer demonstrates [...]

The Christ of Christians Continues to Touch Our Lives

My dear friends, “Lord Jesus, as I bow in adoration before your manger, let my first Christmas words be thank you! Thank you, Gift of the Father, for coming to save me from my sins.” These are the opening words from a prayer written for this feast, and they express [...]

“O” Antiphons Lead Us into Jesus’ Coming(s) Among Us

We are fortunate this year to have a full week between the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas. We have a ready-made opportunity to focus on the coming of the Word into the form of an innocent baby, as well as anticipate with longing and hope, Christ’s Second Coming at [...]